Industry CAD Services


Impress your clients with beautiful images and animations. Set yourself apart from your competition and offer a bespoke design experience that will leave your clients coming back for more.



Each design takes 5 working days. Express service is also available depending on availability. I charge £75 for a standard design. Any complex pieces that require lots of work cost between £130 to £250. For example, pieces with over 100 gemstones, animals, faces and designs with over four assembly parts. You can add an animation to your design for £20. These prices do not include VAT or 3D printing costs.


We do not reuse or sell you designs. I will provide you with your own Dropbox folder where you can excess all of your designs, images, animations 3D printing, CAD files and specifications forever.

3D Printing

To insure the best castings for your pieces I recommend using a casting company who 3D prints in house. This way they take full responsibility for the quality of your casting. Once you are happy to proceed I will send your CAD file directly to your casters for them to manufacture under your name. 

If you would like me to send your file to a separate 3D printing service I will happily do so. If you still require 3D printing services or if you wish to manufacture another way then just let me know as I am very flexible and happy to make the process as easy as possible for you.